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Beniamino Di Martino

Beniamino Di MartinoBeniamino Di Martino received the M.S. degree (magna cum laude) in Physics and the Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering, both from University of Naples (Italy), in 1992 and 1996 respectively. Since 2005 he is Full Professor of Information Systems at the Second University of Naples (Italy). In 1994 he joined the Institute for Software Technology and Parallel Systems at the University of Vienna (Austria) where he was Researcher till 1998, funded from 1996 to 1998 from EC Marie Curie Support scheme (Marie Curie Fellow). In 1998 he moved at the Second University of Naples (Italy) where he was Assistant Professor till 2002, and Associate Professor of Information Systems till 2005. He has been scientific consultant for IBM Italia and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and the Environment).


He is author of 7 international books and more than 180 publications in international journals and conferences.


He is Project Coordinator of the currently running EU funded FP7-ICT-2010-256910 Project "mOSAIC - Open-Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds". He participated to various research projects supported by national and international organizations (international projects include: EU-ICT Mosaic, EU-IST OntoWeb and APART, EU-Esprit HPF+ and PPPE, CEI PACT, EU-TMR, Austrian-SFB AURORA, Austrian FWF HLPS; italian national projects include: MUR PRIN ``Cloud@Home'' (responsible for SUN unit), "Mosaico" and "Iside", FAR - Laboratori Pubblico-Privati - "LC3” (responsible for SUN Unit), CNR PF and Agenda 2000 (Project Responsible)).


He acted as Evaluator and Reviewer of scientific projects for the European Commission (FP7 programmes ICT, ICT-PSP and eInfrastructures), for the Belgium Research Ministry, for the Luxembourg Research Ministry, for the Italian Research and Economic Development Ministries, for Campania, Piemonte and Calabria Regional Governments.


He acted as member of Committee for Promotion to positions of Senior Lecturer at the University of Cork (Ireland) and at the University of Lille (France).


He acted as member of Examination Committees for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science for the University of Oxford (UK), the University of Cyprus, The University of La Laguna (Sp), the University of Sidney (Au), the University of Genova (I), the Calabria University (I), the University of Rome ``Tor Vergata'' (I), the Second University of Naples (I).


He acted as Chair of the Nomination Committee for the "2012 IEEE Award of Excellence in Scalable Computing'' and as member of the Nomination Committee for the "2009 IEEE TCSC Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing". He was vice Chair of the Executive Board of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Scalable Computing. He is member of the IEEE Working Group on Cloud Interoperability. He is member of the Cloud Standards Customer Council. He is member of the Cloud Computing Experts' Group of European Commission - Internet of Services, Software and Virtualization Unit. He served as general and program chairman, and member in Program Committees, of several international conferences, and as guest editor for several journals' special issues. He is editorial board member and chair of international journals.


His research interests include: Knowledge Discovery and Management, Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services, Semantic based Information Retrieval, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing and Architectures, Mobile and Intelligent Agents and Mobile Computing, Reverse Engineering, Automated Program Analysis and Transformation, Algorithmic Patterns Recognition and Program Comprehension, Image analysis.